zen network

Reality is currently experiencing some turbulence

Version 2.0 build progress — 12%

Computation Multiverse is Upgrading ...

Come explore the rough edges

  • ★ private + collaborative space for files
  • ★ search over the files
  • ★ realtime push notifications on any search / access
  • direct fully private connection between your personal computer and your public node
  • ★ direct p2p connection with any other node if needed
  • ★ feed / diary (planned next)
  • ★ dashboard
  • ★ sovereign IoT (ambiental computing) possibilities
  • ★ more awesome features in development
  • ★ even more awesome features not yet in development
  • ★ this is something a bit unique and not planned as a mainstream product

The system is free to use.

You usually need a cheap public server for around $5 monthly (comes with 25 GB SSD).

zen network

Underlying consistent primitives (building blocks) are:

→ an always-running computing process on (any type of) machine
→ a direct encrypted connection between any two processes (eg. machines)

Innovation is in the details as well as in general architecture.

A lot of documentation is still missing but will be built over the course of 2020/21.

The system so far was developed with neostrategy approach which comes from complex systems research.


In the process, this paper explains that some objectives, such as organizational innovation, are intrinsically uncertain and thus better served by a strategy of novelty instead of objective. Therefore, in a Thomas S. Kuhn sense, neostrategy replaces strategy as a more complete paradigm for planning in today’s interconnected, globalized, and thus increasingly complex world.

Stanley’s and Lehman’s research tells us to replace ends with novelty—the purpose becomes a search for novelty, not an objective or a desired end state. To be clear, novelty is not another variation of objective either. This is because seeking novelty is perpetually elusive; once achieved it is no longer novel.