Current version: 1.0
Next release: 1.0.1 (due Jan/Feb 2020)

Versatile /ˈvɜr·sə·t̬əl/

able to change easily from one activity to another or able to be used for many different purposes

One process

Many devices

Many purposes

Control your



connections to 3rd party services


dmt-system / framework is in part about combining existing personal computing solutions and in part about inventing the missing ingredients to achieve really interesting and obvious results. The main goal is always to explore and see what is actually possible. Step by step, bit by bit. The only question is: Why not?

Computers and computing can be used for many distinct purposes. Our areas of specialization are: — storage, reproduction (≡ digital to analog conversion) and transmission of media files such as audio, video and photo and of documents in general — simple and seamless connection between computing devices on local networks (v1.0) and between networks (v2.0) — sovereign personal control of various smaller electronic devices and sensors — simple programmability of actions, events and triggers under full users' control — integration of great 3rd party services through their APIs — interfacing with upcoming technologies such as blockchains and decentralized storage networks — open science — research and development of integrated solutions for personal and group well-being.

Versatile but focused.


“The spread of computers and the Internet will put jobs in two categories. People who tell computers what to do, and people who are told by computers what to do.”

Marc Andreessen

This project encourages and helps to train you to be active in the first category.

Who are we?

A dispersed group of system thinkers, technologists, artists, designers, testers, knowledge junkies, music afficionados, electricians, software + hardware developers, physicians, cooks and others ☺. We already count you among us if you think we share some principles. We are building this for ourselves and are not very concerned with fast growth. The whole decentralization story seems to work a bit differently than previous computing turns of the wheel. It is fast and slow at the same time, an interesting mix for sure. Although this is primarily covering our needs, anyone is very welcome to try our software and after you have done so, we invite you to suggest more things for us to think about and implement. Ideas are considered and implemented as they come and the most interesting take higher priority immediately although others are still in progress.

But I still don't understand what this is all about ...

We would like you to try our software but we know it is a bit hard to understand and appreciate. This is in part because we haven't yet started properly explaining and in part because it really does take some effort to manage your own software and hardware. We like to think that we make something that is incredibly hard to do a little bit easier and very rewarding. We are going to create some more educational material after v2.0 in a year or two — a proper video course on different components and how to setup everything for your optimal benefit. Be aware of the fact that not everything can be explained though because you could configure the system in a way nobody else did before.

In any case, you can already jump into what exists currently or send us any questions you may have.

“A decentralized internet will emerge, led initially by decentralized infrastructure services like storage, bandwidth, compute, etc. The emergence of decentralized consumer applications will be slow to take hold and a killer decentralized consumer app will not emerge until the latter part of the decade.”

Fred Wilson, blog post: What Will Happen In The 2020s