One process

Many devices

Many purposes

Core concepts

1 → dmt-server — evented process on each node
Node ≡ any device like PC, IoT device or regular data server.
Mobile phones are excluded but they can connect to dmt servers.

2 → connectome — encrypted connections between nodes
Usable outside of dmt-system as well because it has been extracted into its own library.

3 → dmt-system dapp — a distributed app spawned by interconnected dmt servers
One example is Zeta dapp, a sample formation on zeta protocol is Zetaseek.

4 → Formations

Formations are dynamic ensembles built on first three core concepts.

formation — a set of nodes gathered around one public node
All connections are end-to-end encrypted and dynamic: nodes can connect and reconnect as suitable.

multi-formation — a total set of nodes around a set of connected formations
Formations get connected between themselves by connecting their respective public nodes.

Search query targeted at one or many formations touches all connected nodes and returns results from all of them.